14-Day Java and Bali Grand Tour

Land Tour

14 days

14-Day Java and Bali Grand Tour
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$AUD 319 per day

Departure: Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Arrival: Bali, Indonesia



Private / Tailor made


This is an incredible two-week trip full of adventures and unforgettable experiences on the beautiful islands Java and Bali - two of the biggest tourist destinations in the Indonesian archipelago. During this Indonesia itinerary, you will learn about the unique cultures and traditions of these two islands, you will see incredibly beautiful landscapes and visit amazing natural attractions and cultural highlights all while staying at some of the amazing resorts including the NusaBay Menjangan!There will be sunrises and sunsets at enchanting places, you will swim in natural spring pools at the foot of waterfalls and you will step on holy grounds and enter ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples. You will also encounter wild deer and monkeys, snorkel in crystal clear waters, witness a traditional fire dance and go rafting down a streaming river, surrounded by rainforest. All of these amazing experiences and more await you on this grand tour of Java and Bali.