14-Day Highlights of Japan: Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto & Osaka

Land Tour

14 days

14-Day Highlights of Japan: Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto & Osaka
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$AUD 306 per day

Departure: Tokyo, Japan

Arrival: Tokyo, Japan


Private / Tailor made

Embark on a two-week trip that covers all the major Japan highlights! From historical to modern, from urban to rural; you can enjoy the great diversity of Japan. In each area, local guides will show you the highlights of the region and introduce the local culture. The trip starts in Tokyo, the current capital of Japan. You will receive an introduction to Japanese culture and learn about modern Japanese life. Then, you'll visit Hakone where you can appreciate a fantastic view of Mt. Fuji.You'll then venture out to the countryside of Takayama, which is a small rural town with its own unique culture and traditions. From Takayama, you will visit Shirakawago, which is a well-preserved old folk village by car. Then, you'll head to north to Kanazawa, a city produced by the Samurai which is home to the most beautiful Japanese garden. You will then visit Kyoto, one of the most beautiful cities in Japan and the mecca of Japanese culture. Here, you can experience authentic Japanese things such as food, culture, temples, art, gardens, crafts and more. You'll then travel to Nara by train or car. Nara is an older city than Kyoto and it was the centre of Japanese religion and academia. Finally, you'll head west to Osaka, the second biggest city in Japan. Osaka is famous as a paradise of street food with very open-minded and friendly local people! Geographically, Osaka is very close to Kyoto, but you will find a huge difference between them. From Osaka, you will take a day trip to Hiroshima by bullet train before heading back to Tokyo where your trip will come to an end!