14-Day Classic Nepal and Bhutan Tour

Land Tour

14 days

14-Day Classic Nepal and Bhutan Tour
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$AUD 312 per day

Departure: Kathmandu, Nepal

Arrival: Kathmandu, Nepal



Private / Tailor made

Over two weeks, discover ancient sites, incredible landscapes and intriguing cultures on this Nepal and Bhutan tour. Kathmandu is a potpourri of cultures. The lifestyle still in vogue reflects the ancient civilisation developed by their primitive ancestors. The World Heritage sites, unique culture, philosophy of life, spiritualism are something worth experiencing in Nepal to understand life holistically. Similarly, the endangered species like one-horned rhino, Royal Bengal Tiger and more are the legendary animals preserved in Chitwan National Park. At the same time, Bhutan is also a land of spiritualism. The energy of the mountains that has been nestled for ages is overpowering. The simplicity, serenity and spiritualism are all major aspects of Bhutan.