14-Day Bordeaux & Northern Spain

Land Tour

14 days

14-Day Bordeaux & Northern Spain
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$AUD 1,168 per day

Departure: Bordeaux, France

Arrival: Santiago de Compostela, Spain



Private / Tailor made

This fantastic itinerary begins in Bordeaux, where we invite you to explore France’s ‘Petit Paris’ and the biggest urban World Heritage site in the world. Let yourself be seduced by some of France’s finest wines and inspired by the city’s incredible culinary scene. Allow this voyage of the senses to take you south to the Basque Country, both French and Spanish, where art, culture and gastronomy are a fundamental part of the local tradition. Your cultural pilgrimage will culminate in Santiago de Compostela; Galicia’s capital known for receiving thousands of visitors every year to complete the Way of Saint James, finishing at his burial site. On this France and Spain tour, delicious food, inspiring wine, rich culture and splendid art are on the menu!