13-Day Wonders of Spain

Land Tour

13 days

13-Day Wonders of Spain
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$AUD 882 per day

Departure: Barcelona, Spain

Arrival: Madrid, Spain



Private / Tailor made

Let yourself fall under the spell of Spain over 13 wonderful days! This tour will take you on a ride through the highlights of Spain leaving you amazed by its culture. Beginning in Barcelona, this incredible city will bewitch you with the surreal art of Dali, the inspiring masterworks of Gaudi and its delightful gastronomy and exciting nightlife.Moving on to Andalucia, you'll experience its contagious pace, lively yet hospitable, festive yet convivial, upbeat and friendly! Laidback charm and enthusiastic zest for enjoying the finer things in life are Andalusian trademarks. It is a land soaked in history and legend, where the fall of kingdoms gave birth to empires but also the colourful cradle of flamenco and of some of the most joyful festivities in Spain.Last but not least, you’ll end your trip with a flourish of Madrid - once capital to an Empire where the sun never set, and today brimming with cultural offerings. Museums, theatres and state of the art gastronomy, Madrid is a heaven on earth.