13-Day Unravelling Brazil

Land Tour

13 days

13-Day Unravelling Brazil
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$AUD 315 per day

Departure: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Arrival: Salvador, Brazil


Private / Tailor made

Discover the unique Brazilian atmosphere through some of the country's most iconic cities, landscapes and beaches on this 13-day itinerary.You will begin your adventure in Rio de Janeiro, immersing yourself in its sun-kissed shores, vibrant nightlife and historic centre.Then head to Iguazu Falls to experience 80-metre-high waterfalls and rich fauna and flora native to Brazil. Your journey continues towards the largest rainforest on the planet: the Amazon rainforest. Here you will come up in close quarters with some of the most diverse wildlife in the world and you'll be rewarded with rich natural scenery.Finally, in Salvador da Bahia, the first capital of Brazil, you will discover not only the history of the city but also traditions, culture and gastronomy that will leave an incredible mark on your holiday.