13-Day South Egypt Exploration

Land Tour

13 days

13-Day South Egypt Exploration
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$AUD 245 per day

Departure: Red Sea Governorate, Egypt

Arrival: Cairo, Egypt



Private / Tailor made

Beginning with a stop-over in Cairo International Airport, you fly immediately south to Marsa Alam. Your exploration of south Egypt will begin at the luxury Lahmy Azur Resort – the ultimate destination for beach and water activities, cultural sightseeing and close contact with nature. You'll have some time to relax whilst also combing some culturally-rich activities including a visit to the city of Shalateen home to a famous camel market and exploring the rock art in the Obelix Valley. Along with these iconic attractions, you'll also witness a legendary sunset at Qalaan Beach and immerse into the Nubian culture in Aswan visiting the pharaonic temples crowned by Abu Simbel and the mighty Aswan High Dam - a huge architectural project built to cope with the annual flooding of the River Nile.Of course, before you complete your Egypt vacation you will get a taste of the megacity of Cairo, the mother of the world. The pyramids, the citadel and the Egyptian Museum will leave you in completely awe of Egypt's rich ancient history.