13-Day Classic Peru

Land Tour

13 days

13-Day Classic Peru
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$AUD 207 per day

Departure: Lima, Peru

Arrival: Cusco, Peru


Private / Tailor made

This journey will take you back to a time when the region was ruled by ancient civilizations. Peru is a land rich in history and culture: from an abundant coastline to beautiful colonial cities and majestic Inca ruins. This trip will enable you to explore a truly remarkable region.Beginning in Lima, the colonial 'City of King', you'll get a first-hand glimpse of its majestic past. You'll then visit Arequipa, known as the 'White City' with magnificent views of its three stunning volcans: Misti, Chachani and Pichu Pichu. You'll spend a day at Taquile Island exploring its pristine sandy beaches, hiking along a pre-Inca trail and enjoying a traditional lunch of Pachamanca (meat and fish cooked in an underground oven). You will also explore the heart of the Inca Empire, the Sacred Valley. You'll finish the trip with the gem of Peru, Machu Picchu, a stunning display of ancient architecture with incredible surroundings. This Peru trip combines all the country's best highlights into one amazing experience.