12-Day The Best of Peru

Land Tour

12 days

12-Day The Best of Peru
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$AUD 409 per day

Departure: Lima, Peru

Arrival: Cusco, Peru


Private / Tailor made

Visit Peru on this amazing journey and explore all the way from the coast to the peaks of the Andes. We will start by flying over the Nazca lines and going on an exciting adventure down the sand dunes at Huacachina. Afterwards, we will discover the Ballestas Islands and the many animals that inhabit them. Later, we will travel to the White City, Arequipa. Surrounded by stunning volcans, this city has beautiful attractions such as the Santa Catalina Convent and the Colca Canyon, one of the deepest canyons in the world! Next, we will go to Puno, where the grand Titicaca Lake is located. You will feel the culture come alive as you talk with locals and learn about their current way of life. You will also walk on the famous floating islands! Finally, we will travel to Cusco where we will see Incan Heritage through their most important sites. Be amazed by the Inca's cultural traditions and history. We will also go to the sacred citadel of Machu Picchu! A site that will definitely leave you breathless.