12-Day Taste of South America

Land Tour

12 days

12-Day Taste of South America
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$AUD 375 per day

Departure: Montevideo, Uruguay

Arrival: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Private / Tailor made

Explore three amazing countries on this South America tour - Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil - for a taste of the natural and cultural bounty!Uruguay is one of South America's best-kept secrets! The underdog of the Americas, Uruguay may be small but it packs in amazing landscapes, a culture that surrounds the outdoors and delicious produce! Your time here will be spent outside as you explore two of the main cities and have a barbecue traditional-style on an Estancia. Argentina – the second-biggest state of South America, The country has 33 million inhabitants and nearly half of them live in the surroundings of Buenos Aires, one of the most cosmopolitan cities of the world where you will spend most of your time! After Buenos Aires, you'll head to one of the most mesmerising borders in the world, Iguassu Falls! One of the largest waterfalls in the world on the border of Argentina and Brazil.After crossing the border at Iguassu Falls, you are in Brazil, a country of immense proportions and contrasts, this land has a mysterious attraction for many people. Finishing your time in Rio, you'll discover a city of pride for many Brazilians as you stand gazing at Christ the Redeemer, take a stroll on Cococabana Beach and walk the streets of Carnivale and samba!