12-Day Original Turkey

Land Tour

12 days

12-Day Original Turkey
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$AUD 424 per day

Departure: Istanbul, Turkey

Arrival: Nevşehir, Turkey




Private / Tailor made

River/Small ship/Barge


Embark on a twelve-day tour of Turkey's most famous sights. Beginning in Istanbul, you'll move south to Canakkale, Selcuk and Antalya before flying to the Cappadocia region for the last part of your trip. You'll be immersed into local cultures as you visit Turkey, travelling with a local guide who is on hand to answer any questions you have and guide you around all the wonderful places you visit. In Istanbul, you'll head out on a tasting tour of the city to sample authentic dishes, on the way to Pamukkale you'll visit the Gallipoli battlefields and you'll also lay eyes on the unique Cotton Castle.Cappadocia will bring you an experience of a lifetime as you soar high into the sky at sunrise in a hot air balloon - an experience you'll never forget.