12-Day Natural and Cultural Heritage in Chile

Land Tour

12 days

12-Day Natural and Cultural Heritage in Chile
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$AUD 478 per day

Departure: Santiago, Chile

Arrival: Hanga Roa, Chile




Private / Tailor made

Chile's diversity ds not stop at its length. Although you can witness desert landscapes and high Andean mountains, during your time here, you'll also tap into a rich and diverse culture. This trip will take you from colonial Santiago to the northern desert plains of San Pedro de Atacama where you'll be introduced to the power of Chilean ancestors through energy hikes in Jerez Ravine and the Moon Valley. Chile embraces and respects nature, you'll discover this during your time here. No trip to experience Chile's culture and heritage would be complete without Easter Island, part of the Polynesian triangle, where the people and their heritage have an entirely different culture. Visit Easter Island to learn about Polynesian culture as you walk through their history and beliefs told through standing stone and huge sculptures.