12-Day Ethnic Tribes of Ifugao

Land Tour

12 days

12-Day Ethnic Tribes of Ifugao
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$AUD 365 per day

Departure: Manila, Philippines

Arrival: Batangas, Philippines



Private / Tailor made

A thrilling adventure in the Philippines, this 12-day trip will show you how to survive between the jungles and rice paddies on a 3-day trek before you relax in paradise on one of the most iconic islands, just a few hours from Manila. You'll hop between villages and remote guesthouses in the mountains that surround the iconic Banaue viewpoint, trekking through villages, past waterfalls and up steep inclines that will really show you what mountain life is like. While in the mountains, you'll meet the people who live and work in this land and become acquainted and live in it. The inhabitants of the Ifugao region are referred to as the Ifugao people, and travellers will have multiple days to learn more about their way of life.Then, after days of long treks, you'll head to the beach to rest, recuperate and fall in love with the iconic beaches of the Philippines.