12-Day Croatia With a Touch of Montenegro Tour

Land Tour

12 days

12-Day Croatia With a Touch of Montenegro Tour
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$AUD 483 per day

Departure: Zagreb, Croatia

Arrival: Dubrovnik, Croatia


Private / Tailor made

Discover the most amazing sights of Croatia and Montenegro in one glorious Tour! This trip covers all the best sites of Croatia with the last day in Montenegro visiting the stunning waters of the Bay of Kotor, sprinkled with medieval towns.Croatia extends from the furthest eastern edges of the Alps in the north-west to the Pannonian lowlands and the banks of the Danube in the east; its central region is covered by mountains and its southern coast is scattered with stunning islands in the Adriatic Sea. Beginning in the capital city of Zagreb, you'll travel through Croatia visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sites, stunning medieval towns, national parks and breathtaking islands. You'll finish your Croatian adventure in Dubrovnik where you'll hop across the border to visit some of Montenegro's most magnificent sites. This Croatia and Montenegro Tour is an exciting combination of history, nature, culture, and of course, plenty of beach time.