11N/12D Whale Sharks, Mantas and Komodo Dragons, Komodo Cruise via Bali

12 days

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Diving is not compulsory and snorkelers will be very well looked after.  

The seas around the World Heritage listed Komodo Islands offer unbelievable variety. Drift along with giant manta rays, explore stunning coral gardens and view the island's famous dragons. During our cruises we also often see whales and dolphins.

Just south east of Moyo is the bay of Saleh. Here is where the traditional fishing boats ‘Bagan’ attract anchovies and krill. The locals and whale sharks have formed a relationship and the whale sharks come to feed on catch that spills over. This is your chance to snorkel with a few whale sharks.

Pindito never has a set itinerary. We plan our trips and water activities based on weather, tides, currents and what you want to do. Maybe you'd like to visit a village or go paddle-boarding? We have four zodiacs, more than enough for our maximum 16 guests to do what they want to. We even spend some evenings with a cocktail on a remote beach or exploring the stunning scenery, caves and bays.  In our opinion, there is no better or more sustainable way, to explore this amazing region.   

Why this is the right trip for you

This trip is designed for people looking for a low-impact way to explore the islands of Indonesia and see incredible wildlife in the company of local people.  

  • Pindito is locally owned and operated, with much of the crew extended family of its Swiss-Indonesian owners. 
  • These trips are designed with the chance to explore secret locations and see the best wildlife on offer, including the magnificent Komodo Dragon!
  • You have the chance to snorkel / dive with Manta Rays and snorkel with Whale Sharks and every day, you will be among extraordinary coral reef. 
  • While originally set up as a liveaboard, Pindito guests are often non-divers. If you do wish to dive, you can. Gear is available to hire on board. 
  • There are only 16 guests and plenty of space on board to get away from it all, or hang out with friends, old and new.  You decide what you want to do and the crew will look after you. 
  • In twelve days, your journey will use no more than about 150 litres of fuel per person. With local crew and locally-sourced food, this is a very sustainable alternative to the larger cruise vessels. 
  • You will also be accommodated and looked after by the most experienced team in Indonesia and taken to secret locations that only they know best (and other ships can't get into). 
  • With an impeccable safety approach and safety record, the ship has been fully serviced and refurbished twice the pandemic. 
  • Twin stabilisers in the tropical seas north of the islands ensures your journey is incredibly stable (it is rare that anyone gets sea sick on Pindito).

Diving (optional, +10%)

  • For our Nitrox certified diving guests we offer Nitrox (32% oxygen) fills at no extra cost (or you can do your Nitrox course on board).
  • Gear is available to hire at rental prices (please enquire).
  • Pindito is also equipped with the latest safety equipment, all properly maintained and sufficient for all crew and guests.
  • The number of dives per day will depend on the style of trip. About 2-3 dives per day is offered on this expedition-style trip.
  • Guests need to bring their own mask, snorkel, fins and dive suits.
  • We're equipped to provide rental BCDs, regulators, dive lights for four divers and as well 2 dive computers and 2 x 15l tanks. Gear hire will need to be reserved in advance. Rental equipment pricing: Mask, Fins, Snorkel package - 30 USD per cruise; BCD - 100 USD per cruise; Regulator set - 100 USD per cruise; Dive computer - 60 USD per cruise; Torch rental - 60 USD per cruise/ 5 USD per dive; 15 Liter tank - 50 USD per cruise; NITROX course (on request available).
  • Subject to gear availability, individual dives can also be arranged at 50 USD per dive, including gear. 
  • Air fills, tanks, weights and weight belts are supplied.

Vessel Brochure

For more information about the vessel, download the PINDITO Brochure here


Please note, the AUD price is based on a USD price of $3,504 pp excluding diving and a currency exchange rate of about 0.68 USD to 1.00 AUD. Invoices will be made out in USD so prices may vary due to currency fluctuations.