11N/12D Whale Sharks, Mantas and Komodo Dragons, Komodo Cruise via Bali

12 days

11N/12D Whale Sharks, Mantas and Komodo Dragons, Komodo Cruise via Bali
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$AUD 692 per day

A one-of-its-kind expedition experience 

Swim with Manta Rays and Whale Sharks

This is what everyone comes for. The experience is far and above anything that can be offered in most other parts of the world. 

The seas around the World Heritage listed Komodo Islands offer unbelievable variety. Drift along with giant manta rays, explore stunning coral gardens and view the island's famous dragons. During our cruises we also often see whales and dolphins.

Just south east of Moyo is the bay of Saleh. Here is where the traditional fishing boats ‘Bagan’ attract anchovies and krill. The locals and whale sharks have formed a relationship and the whale sharks come to feed on catch that spills over. This is your chance to snorkel with a few whale sharks.

Pricing: Please note, the AUD price is based on a USD price of $5,890 pp excluding diving and a currency exchange rate of about 0.63 USD to 1.00 AUD. Invoices will be made out in USD so prices may vary due to currency fluctuations.  

No fixed itinerary

Pindito never has a set itinerary. We plan our trips and water activities based on weather, tides, currents and what you want to do. Maybe you'd like to visit a village or go paddle-boarding? We have four zodiacs, more than enough for our maximum 16 guests to do what they want to. We even spend some evenings with a cocktail on a remote beach or exploring the stunning scenery, caves and bays.  In our opinion, there is no better or more sustainable way, to explore this amazing region.   

Diving and Snorkelling

Diving is not compulsory. Snorkelling and diving are equally catered and do not compromise on either experience. We visit the best sites and there are locations suitable for both. We have enough zodiacs to look after everyone.  

This is the perfect trip for anyone who wants to be on an authentic expedition cruise. It's also very suitable for couples where perhaps one may wish to dive and the other snorkel.  

About Pindito

For more information about the vessel, download the PINDITO Brochure here