11-Day Venice, Florence, Amalfi Coast & Rome

Land Tour

11 days

11-Day Venice, Florence, Amalfi Coast & Rome
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$AUD 543 per day

Departure: Venice, Italy

Arrival: Rome, Italy



Private / Tailor made

This fabulous vacation in Italy will start in the unique floating city of Venice, followed by Florence, the capital of the Italian Renaissance, with a day trip to the Chianti area in the beautiful Tuscan countryside.After soaking up the incredible arts of the city of Florence in both its museums and its streets and filling your belly with Tuscan delights, you'll move to the south of Italy to Sorrento and the world-famous Amalfi Coast. Your trip will come to an end in the Eternal City of Rome, a place you must visit on your Italian adventure. This trip will leave you with a fine taste for Italian food and wine, an appreciation of Italian culture and a great grasp of Italy's long history, as well as a lot of great memories!