11-Day Taste Spanish Delicacies in Andalucia

Land Tour

11 days

11-Day Taste Spanish Delicacies in Andalucia
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$AUD 1,090 per day

Departure: Riofrío, Spain

Arrival: Málaga, Spain



Private / Tailor made

It's no secret that Spanish cuisine is amongst the best in the world. The richness and flavour of its dishes are only matched by its incredible variety. As one travels across the country on this 11-day gourmet tour, you'll learn that every region has its local products, preferred spices and signature dishes. On this gastronomic journey, you'll take a bite out of Andalucia, a region whose cuisine has been influenced and shaped by its wealth of history and the many cultures that inhabited these lands. Heavily inspired by the Moorish tradition, Andalusian cuisine has something for everyone, whether you're a fish fan, a meat-lover or a vegetarian!You'll explore these many flavours through tastings of local delicacies like the incomparable Jamón Ibérico, delicious Bluefin red tuna, artisanal goat cheese and the most exquisite Spanish caviar!You will meet local producers, visit traditional markets, speciality shops, and family-run farms, learn about the production process of every product you taste, whilst also enjoying the beautiful countryside and the signature relaxed Spanish lifestyle.On this Andalusia holiday, we invite all foodies and wine lovers to indulge their senses in this unforgettable experience full of flavourful dishes and excellent wines!