11-Day Slovenia & Croatia Trip

Land Tour

11 days

11-Day Slovenia & Croatia Trip
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$AUD 460 per day

Departure: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Arrival: Dubrovnik, Croatia


Private / Tailor made

You will experience the best places to visit on this Slovenia and Croatia. Trip. Beginning in Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital city and finishing in Dubrovnik, a Croatian city drenched in history and stunning architecture, this eleven-day trip will showcase the best that these two countries offer. Moving through Slovenia, you'll witness the immense natural beauty of Bled set amongst the Julian Alps.In Croatia, you'll experience its rich history, ancient architecture and culture learning how they have all evolved and changed over centuries of Roman, Venetian, Slav and Habsburg influences. You'll be in awe at Croatia's natural beauty between its lush mountains, stunning lakes and quaint old town cities. All set against the stunning Dalmatian coast, this trip will surprise you and thrill you.