11-Day Less Travelled Roads of Myanmar

Land Tour

11 days

11-Day Less Travelled Roads of Myanmar
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$AUD 358 per day

Departure: Yangon, Myanmar

Arrival: Yangon, Myanmar


Private / Tailor made

Welcome to Myanmar where you will be taken on a journey through the Burmese hinterland, introducing you to lesser-known places without leaving out the most important sights that the golden country of Myanmar has to offer. In these 11 days, you can expect to fall deeply in love with the simple life of the countryside and experience Myanmar's authentic ways of living off the beaten path.On this tour, you'll be going where few travellers have ventured before and will be greeted with an authentic and awe-inspiring side of Myanmar. From exploring local tribe villages and centuries-old temples to visiting hidden waterfalls and ancient cities, this trip covers everything a traveller could possibly want out of Myanmar and so much more.