11-Day Golfing in Argentina

Land Tour

11 days

11-Day Golfing in Argentina
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$AUD 820 per day

Departure: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Arrival: Río Negro, Argentina



Private / Tailor made

Experience three of the country's most sought-after destinations on this Argentina golf tour!Beginning in the vibrant capital city, you'll spend the first half of your trip exploring the iconic landmarks of Buenos Aires and playing 18 holes on some of the best courses surrounding the city. Moving on, you'll head to the wine region of Argentina, Mendoza, where you'll stay in Argentina's most exclusive luxury wine lodge for four days, splitting your time between golf, wine tours and relaxing. Finally, you'll find yourself in one of the most beautiful regions in South America, Patagonia. Here, you'll play golf to your heart's content, explore the stunning mountain ranges and to finish your trip, you can sail across an Andean lake to Chile!