11-Day Cairo Highlights and Lake Nasser Boat Trip

Land Tour

11 days

11-Day Cairo Highlights and Lake Nasser Boat Trip
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$AUD 233 per day

Departure: Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Arrival: Aswan Governorate, Egypt



Private / Tailor made

Egypt is also a country of contrasts, so allow yourself to be guided through this other world on an incredible 11-day journey. Explore the mother city on a Cairo tour and enjoy a host of cultural highlights such as the Giza Plateau and the Great Pyramids of Giza - the eternal miracle of history. You'll also dive into the local culture and learn all about ancient Egypt whilst visiting the Egyptian Antiquities and Islamic Museums as well as Coptic Cairo.Next, you'll travel to Aswan in upper Egypt where you'll receive a warm welcome in a special ecolodge before starting your Nubian adventure by boat. This five-day boat trip on Lake Nasser will lead you to highlights of history like Amada Temple and the Abu Simbel Temples.Your simple but comfortable stay on board will give you also the possibility to relax, enjoy nature or go for a hike when you have a stop-over.