11-Day Best of Ex-Yugoslavia

Land Tour

11 days

11-Day Best of Ex-Yugoslavia
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$AUD 850 per day

Departure: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Arrival: Ljubljana, Slovenia


Private / Tailor made

From the Alps in Slovenia and the Adriatic sea in Croatia to the taste the Orient in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the wild beauty of Montenegro, tour the Balkans and be filled to the brim with encounters of stunning landscapes and natural beauty. For those that love architecture, you are spoilt for choice as you visit the UNESCO-listed site of Dubrovnik Old Town of Croatia, the medieval towns nestled in the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro and the famous Stari Most bridge over the Neretva River in Bosnia & Herzegovina. The most wonderful part about visiting this area of the world is how easy it is to pop from one town to the next visiting taking in magnificent sights along the way. The history that made the countries here today oozes from the walls of its cities and towns and is waiting for you to discover the true beauty of ex-Yugoslavia.