11-Day Athens, Naxos & Santorini Foodie Delights

Land Tour

11 days

11-Day Athens, Naxos & Santorini Foodie Delights
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$AUD 695 per day

Departure: Athens, Greece

Arrival: Thera, Greece



Private / Tailor made

River/Small ship/Barge

Experience the beauty and magic from some of the most unique islands in Greece. This itinerary will see you indulging in authentic Greek gastronomy and all of the culinary delights that Greece is renowned for.Your trip will start in the capital: the ancient city of Athens. Step back in time to a time of Greek glory and see some of the most important archaeological sites such as the Acropolis, the Ancient Agora and the Syntagma. On your second day in the capital, you'll taste the authentic flavours of the centre on an Athens food tour. Next sail to the stunning island of Naxos, which has a rich culinary history and is famed for being a gastronomic paradise. Enjoy a cooking class with a local Greek family for a chance to discover some of the best-kept traditional secrets of the area.Finish your holiday in the iconic Santorini and marvel at the white-washed sugar cube houses that stand proudly on the cliffside. Take a cruise around the island and wash down your Greek meal with a glass of finest local wine overlooking the sunset for a magical finish to your trip.