11-Day Albanian Ancient Ruins & UNESCO World Heritage

Land Tour

11 days

11-Day Albanian Ancient Ruins & UNESCO World Heritage
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$AUD 373 per day

Departure: Tirana, Albania

Arrival: Tirana, Albania


Private / Tailor made

Albania is a country blessed with natural harbours and a short sea crossing to the Italian port. It is also the start of the most direct overland route from the Adriatic to Istanbul, which in Roman times was traced by the Via Egnatia. A natural staging post between the eastern and western Mediterranean, Albania flourished under Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, and Ottomans.On this 11-day Albania tour, you'll visit ancient cities that once had glittering reputations and the UNESCO World Heritage towns of Berat, known as ‘the town of a thousand windows’, and Gjirokastra home to the civilisation that developed under five centuries of Ottoman rule. You'll also learn about Albania's national hero, Skanderbeg, who led the fight against the Ottoman rule in the 15th century visiting museums and monuments dedicated to the leader. This trip will delve deep into the culture-rich and turbulent history of Albania and leave you with a great insight into this small, yet powerful and utterly beautiful, Balkan country.