10-Day Yucatan Adventures

Land Tour

10 days

10-Day Yucatan Adventures
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$AUD 291 per day

Departure: Valladolid, Mexico

Arrival: Quintana Roo, Mexico



Private / Tailor made


Entering this Yucatan tour is like opening a chest full of endless treasures and over these 10 days, you'll do just that!This Mexican state is home to a stunning array of cultural treasures and varied natural landscapes: ancient Mayan ruins and contemporary indigenous villages; sprawling haciendas and gorgeous colonial cities; modern museums and proud inhabitants faithful to the customs they inherited from a fascinating mix of past centuries. Add to that the state’s natural riches, including the world’s largest (and pinkest) colony of flamingos and geologic idiosyncrasies like cenotes and a vast network of caves. Located on the eastern side of the Yucatan Peninsula, Quintana Roo offers the beautiful waters of the Caribbean Sea, top-notch tourist resorts, white-sand beaches, marvellous ecological reserves and ancient Mayan ruins. Here, you can visit long stretches of beaches, impressive hotels and the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.