10-Day Luxury & Charm of Central Italy

Land Tour

10 days

10-Day Luxury & Charm of Central Italy
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$AUD 821 per day

Departure: Amalfi, Italy

Arrival: Rome, Italy




Private / Tailor made

Enjoy a unique Rome to Amalfi Coast vacation to explore some of the most spectacular locations Italy has to offfer.Indulge in ten glorious days exploring the stunning Amalfi Coast, the rich Tuscan countryside, the cultural city of Florence and the ancient city of Rome. During which, you will discover and explore the best Italian cities in the centre of the country. Beginning on the world-famous Amalfi Coast, you'll spend your days exploring islands known for their rich lifestyle, tasting ingredients and dishes native to the regions and exploring on Italian motorbikes.The Tuscan countryside will bring with it plenty of wine tastings and delicious foods; a highlight being a tour in a little Ape Tuk Tuk developed by the locals to navigate the narrow streets of the ancient town. After discovering the culturally-rich city of Florence, you'll arrive in Rome where you'll discover the smallest country in the world - Vatican City - along with the rest of ancient Rome's treasures.