10-Day Family Adventure to Paris & Provence

Land Tour

10 days

10-Day Family Adventure to Paris & Provence
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$AUD 944 per day

Departure: Paris, France

Arrival: Avignon, France




Private / Tailor made

Take your children's hands and embark on a wonderful ten-day family holiday in France!This family adventure to France sees you discovering the best parts of Paris and the Provence of France with your family in some of the most exciting and unique ways. You'll embark on a fun scavenger hunt in the Louvre Museum, you'll learn how to make famous French macarons, you'll do a bicycle tour in the streets of Paris, a treasure hunt with French kids in Versailles, a cooking course in Camargue and you'll go kayaking on the Verdon River under the Pont du Gard!Not only will you have plenty of time to soak up the culture of France, indulge in wine tastings and more, you'll be guaranteed to have a wonderful time as a family!