10-Day Conquer Off-Beaten Paths in Vietnam

Land Tour

10 days

10-Day Conquer Off-Beaten Paths in Vietnam
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$AUD 211 per day

Departure: Hanoi, Vietnam

Arrival: Hanoi, Vietnam



Private / Tailor made

This spectacular journey takes you far from the well-beaten trail to the most astounding and iconic mountain scenes in VietnamStarting in Hanoi, you visit Sapa, the iconic hill town, home to the highest mountain in Vietnam, Fansipan. You'll spend several days trekking in Vietnam between rural villages, where you'll meet the H'mong and Tay people among other minority groups and learn about their life in the valleys and mountains and staying in small homestays. Then, you head out in a private car to do the same, but on the iconic Ha Giang Loop that takes you up to the Vietnam-China border. Over several days you are driven hundreds of kilometres through Vietnam's most beautiful mountain scenery, stopping in scenic towns and villages like Dong Van, Hoang Si Phu and Thien Thang, you'll get to know more about H'mong and Tay culture, as you go deep into the H'mong region and stay in small local homestay before returning to Ha Giang city and then to Hanoi. This trip is unlike any other in Vietnam!