1-Day Nagano & Snow Monkey Park

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1-Day Nagano & Snow Monkey Park
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Departure: Nagano, Japan

Arrival: Nagano, Japan


Private / Tailor made


Embark on an exciting private Nagano day tour!Nagano city is well-known for hosting the 1998 Winter Olympic Games and while some of the former Olympic facilities can still be viewed in Nagano, the city has since evolved as a temple town revolving around the famous Zenkoji Temple.You will spend the day exploring the city with an English-speaking guide. Among other sights, you'll visit the Snow Monkey Park, the famous Zenkoji Temple and the town of Obuse. In the evening, you'll have the option to extend the tour with a visit to Shibu Onsen, a hot spring resort that has 1,300 years of history.