How airline robots are costing you more

Avoid the risks by asking a human

We recently booked a flight on behalf of a customer. The flights we find are usually equal or less than anyone can find themselves on line. For one customer recently, we even saved them $1,100.

But after we add your details, the airline bombards you with emails, creating a false sense of urgency. We'd rather they didn't ... we've actually got things under control. The emails, after all, are coming from a computer. 

These tactics are designed to make you think you have to act. During another reservation we were doing recently with a major airline, the customer was fretting that online, it said there were only one or two seats left. There were actually lots.

Faced with half a dozen emails pressing a client to respond, they proceeded to reserve seats and promptly paid an $85 fee.

We were notified as we were already managing the booking but by that time, it was too late. We could have done the seat reservations for nothing.

Robots save the airline money but don't address all your needs.

Another client was forced into seats based on preferences added in their frequent flyer, which may not have been suitable.

Online software is being built using machine learning – robots. You’re not dealing with someone who has empathy for you, or an eagerness to reduce costs and provide a service. You’re dealing with a machine that’s cleverly designed to upsell and cost you more.

As airlines have removed almost all the commission for travel agents, it may surprise you that we can still find ways to save you money. But we have lots of options that you’ll never know about.

How airline booking site robots are upselling and costing you more
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The reality you're missing out on

The day we wrote this article there were 650 flight options from Melbourne to London. How many can you find online?

For each flight, there are up to 24 different economy ticket classes (and prices) plus business and first class. Can you see more than four? 

The systems we use are more comprehensive than what you have online. They can also never be replaced by robots. Because the advice we give is founded on the principles of customer service and empathy.

We're not there to save ourselves money and time, we're there to save you money and time.

So, if you want a fair deal and customer service, give us a call and we'll show you the offers you can get if you don't let a robot do it for you 😁

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