4-Day Explore the Oki Islands

Land Tour

4 days

4-Day Explore the Oki Islands
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$AUD 439 per day

Departure: Okinoshima, Japan

Arrival: Okinoshima, Japan


Private / Tailor made

Known as Okinoshima in Japanese, the Oki Islands are an archipelago of small islands in the Sea of Japan. On this four-day trip, you'll hop from island to island exploring the must-see sights of Oki!You'll begin on the largest island, Dogo, then over the next few days, you'll hop to Nishinoshima, Nakanoshima and Chiburijima to explore the other islands and their many natural wonders. The abundant natural beauty and impressive greens of the islands set against the dazzling blue sea will be something you won't soon forget after this trip!