3-Day Montevideo and Colonia del Sacramento City Break

Land Tour

3 days

3-Day Montevideo and Colonia del Sacramento City Break
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$AUD 170 per day

Departure: Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

Arrival: Montevideo, Uruguay


Private / Tailor made

This short but sweet trip will take you to two of Uruguay's most iconic cities.Experience history, wine and mate in three short days, starting in Colonia del Sacramento a colonial city from the 17th century, it's the oldest in the country that was fought over by Spain and Portugal for 100 years as you'll discover with the numerous references you'll find in the old town. Return to visit Montevideo, Uruguay's capital. Montevideo echs of the country's European past with a mixture of architecture including the Congress Building which is often considered the pride of the country. Learn about the history and people of South America's often forgotten country!