2-Day Taste of the Kochi Outdoors

Land Tour

2 days

2-Day Taste of the Kochi Outdoors
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$AUD 409 per day

Departure: Niyodogawa, Japan

Arrival: Muroto, Japan



Private / Tailor made

On this two-day adventure, you'll get to know Kochi through its numerous activities, incredible vistas and endless beautiful landscapes!You'll enjoy a one-day canyoning trip at Niyodo River, Japan's most crystal clear river. This trip takes you on an adventure to highlight Kochi has to offer. Then, an hour's drive takes you to Nakatsu Gorge, one of the most beautiful areas of Kochi where one of the resources of Niyodo River is located. Your local guide who lives a few kilometres away from the gorge will lead this Japanese hike. There will be thrills with jumps, swims, walking and everything else that a canyoning trip has to offer!After this, you'll move onto the second fun part of the trip, where you will travel to the eastern shore of Kochi, overlooking winding Pacific Ocean. You will cycle along the Pacific Ocean and walk around extreme rock formations, spiritual temples and local towns; it is an unparalleled experience!To complete the trip, you'll interact with the locals here and enjoy delicious local food made by using local ingredients from the Pacific Ocean!