19-Day Gokyo Ri-Cho La Pass-Everest Base Camp Trek

Land Tour

19 days

19-Day Gokyo Ri-Cho La Pass-Everest Base Camp Trek
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$AUD 144 per day

Departure: Kathmandu, Nepal

Arrival: Kathmandu, Nepal



Private / Tailor made

An enthralling and physically demanding adventure, the Everest Base Camp with Gokyo Lake Trek is a remarkable trek route in the Nepalese Himalayas. Cultural and heritage sightseeing across the medieval Kathmandu valley, warm-welcoming Sherpa generosity with authentic mountain foodies, tranquil glacier lakes and panoramic views of legendary 8000-metre climbing mountains are the highlights of the Everest Base Camp Cho-La Pass Trek. The high-altitude trek presents a prospect to traverse one of the high passes - Cho La, lying at an elevation of 5,420 metres stuns you with the wonderful vistas of grand Himalayas. With scenic exquisiteness, you will also get the opportunity to observe a diversity of floras like pine, fir, birch, hemlock, juniper, as well as rhododendron woods and faunas likes Snow-cock, Himalayan pheasant, Ruddy shelduck and more.The Gokyo Lake and Everest Base Camp trek begins with a brief twin otter flight to Lukla airport, which is categorised as the most hazardous mountainous airstrip in the world. The classical trek route walk throughout traditional Sherpa villages and visiting to Buddhist monastery and bless from head incarnation monk.