15-Day Eco-Chic Trip in Yucatán

Land Tour

15 days

15-Day Eco-Chic Trip in Yucatán
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$AUD 224 per day

Departure: Cancún, Mexico

Arrival: Chiquilá, Mexico


Private / Tailor made

River/Small ship/Barge

Discover the Yucatán in a different way, through a top-of-the-line, unique tour that will create lifelong memories. We bring together the most breathtaking natural sites of Yucatán and the high-quality luxury of perfectly situated accommodations for an amazing experience. You will have mystical experiences with a local shaman, discover the most beautiful sites in Mexico outside opening hours and observe pink flamingos and dolphins in their natural environment. This holiday to Mexico is environmentally friendly, meaning that you will travel responsibly to eco-friendly hotels and be accompanied by certified local guides that keep the natural habitats in mind.