10-Day Above the Arctic Circle

Land Tour

10 days

10-Day Above the Arctic Circle
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$AUD 300 per day

Departure: Rovaniemi, Finland

Arrival: Rovaniemi, Finland



Private / Tailor made

With Rovaniemi in Finland as your starting point, you will go on an Arctic Circle tour in the 'Land of the Midnight Sun' for ten wonderful, winter-filled days. In your own vehicle or rental car on your own schedule, you'll travel across Sweden to Norway's Lofoten Islands. You'll then continue with a Hurtigruten cruise from the Lofoten Islands to Tromso and from there, you'll drive via the North Cape back to Finland and Rovaniemi.Among many highlights of this adventure, you'll visit the Ice Hotel - a hotel completely built of ice which remains at a constant minus five Celcius, you'll explore the Abisko National Park and take in the breathtaking villages on the Lofoten Islands.After taking on one of the world’s most beautiful sea voyages, you'll explore the beautiful town of Tromso, known for being the best place to observe the Northern Lights. The panoramic view of the open wide expanse of the Arctic Ocean at the North Cape, a visit to the Sapmi Sami Cultural Centre and meeting Santa Claus at the famous Santa Claus Village will complete your magical trip!